Cake Toppers For Winter Weddings

It’s almost that time of year for snow-covered trees, cozy sweaters, and beautiful winter weather! Capture the beauty of the season with the perfect cake topper for your winter wedding. Here we have highlighted this season’s color trends that are sure to bring magic to your special day and impress your guests!

Mirror Silver

Our premium mirror acrylic will look perfect for any winter wonderland wedding. It will look just like ice on a cold winter’s day. Mirror silver acrylic looks particularly eye-catching with silver accents pieces and pops of royal blue or another bright color. This cake topper will work great on both light and dark wedding cakes as well!

Glitter Silver

Sparkly silver acrylic is just what you need if you love shimmering winter snowflakes and have a cake with glam and bling! Our glittery toppers are just the right amount of shine without being too blinding, it would look great with crystal decor and florals.

Red & Green

A classic color combination for weddings near Christmas time! These festive colors will look great on cakes that have tones of warm brown and bright white. Perfect for a couple who loves the holiday season.



Navy is a timeless dark neutral color that will make any cake look luxurious! With cool undertones of blue, it is recommended to use this color to complement tones of blue, green, and peach.

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