Wondering what material to choose for your cake topper? Read below to learn more!


Acrylic is a very thick and durable material with a smooth and chic finish. We have over 15 colors to choose from with our most popular colours being Black, Pink, Purple, Red and Royal blue. Here you can see an example of a black acrylic topper used as a decor piece on an entryway table!

Glitter Acrylic:

If you are looking for something eye-catching and fun, Glitter Acrylic might be exactly what you are looking for! We offer several beautiful colours for every theme. This is an example of a glitter gold topper with a tropical theme! It looks fantastic against the royal blue and gold tones of the cake.

Mirror Acrylic:

Another popular specialty material we offer is mirror acrylic. For a luxurious and elegant finish, this is the recommended material for you, it will certainly turn heads! Please see below for an example of mirror silver.

Natural Cut Wood:

For a beautiful, natural, and rustic look, our natural wood is the way to go. We offer light naked wood or custom painted wood. Like our acrylic toppers, our wooden toppers are just as durable, while giving you an out-doorsy vibe.

Color Chart

PLEASE NOTE If you would like a custom color not listed on our color chart, please contact us on our contact page to get a quote